Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When I get cranky, I generally don't give a fuck about anyone. I should make a t-shirt specifically for these moments with the disclaimer: will be a total bitch, ignore me.

Speaking of, I got really intoxicated last Thursday and tried to go to bed at 3 a.m. We'd been playing quarters in the tv room all night. I have to say, that's definitely one of my favorite past times. But anyway, it was 3 a.m. and I was tired and these stupid American tourist students were talking/yelling really loudly outside, under my window. These three guys were talking about some girls. It was as if I was back in college, back when couples would fight in the middle of the night in the parking lot of Ashby and I would just listen, it was pure entertainment. Most of the time, the guys were the girls, crying and everything. It was bizarre. But anyway, in a moment of intoxication, I opened my window and proceeded to yell obsence things to them. The only bit I'm sure of is "shut the fuck up" but I'm sure other unnecessary things ensued. I've never done that before. I must've been really mad. But anyway, I closed the window and they of course yelled back, attacking my ethnicity. I'm sure it was a mild surprise to have some little asian girl in Italy yell in perfect english at 3 a.m. from her bedroom window in Santo Spirito. But anyway, they really pissed me off, attacking my ethnicity, I've never had anyone do that to me before. I was really going to flip a b. But I calmed down, after I went upstairs to look out the tv room window. Leigh even offered to beat someone up for me. Anyway, a few minutes later, we saw some girls pissed off at some guys for being stupid all night, and the one girl said something along the lines of "forget them, let's just go back to the hostel". So I hope those guys got lost all night and had to sleep by the Arno.

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