Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family dialogue over the past 3 days. I love having house mates. I have friends at my disposal 24 hours a day.

11:22:15 PM Kim Ha: girls girls girls
11:22:24 PM Paul Evans: they're driving me fucking crazy Kim.
11:22:37 PM Paul Evans: and I'm typing away down here in my room, far away from the center of the madness

9:36:32 AM Carol: kim
9:36:33 AM Carol: kim
9:36:34 AM Carol: kim
9:36:36 AM Carol: dove satia
9:36:38 AM Carol: stai
9:36:42 AM Carol: and when does asia ooen
9:36:44 AM Carol: open
9:36:57 AM Carol: and why is there a sugar free redbull on my bedside table

1:55:24 PM Carol Forehand: who is malta

11:18:17 AM Leigh Raskin: shit ijust woke up
11:27:03 AM Leigh Raskin: kimmmm

11:19:50 AM ilk ghavami: kim chi !
12:02:50 PM Kim Ha: yea
12:27:23 PM ilk ghavami: hi
12:27:34 PM ilk ghavami: just wanted to see where you were , no biggie

12:06:42 PM Kim Ha: what is ur location paul
12:07:00 PM Paul Evans: vie dei Michelozzi 2
12:08:06 PM Paul Evans: perche?

11:28:40 PM Paul Evans: yeh, i'm pretty sure that they were boning.

11:46:26 PM Paul Evans: let me in
11:46:29 PM Paul Evans: please
11:50:13 PM Paul Evans: let me in, i am locked out
11:50:15 PM Paul Evans: 1150
11:54:44 PM Kim Ha: SHIT

11:11:16 AM Matt: i peed in a bottle last night

4:06:06 AM Caitlin: omg i AM fucking crazy
4:06:11 AM Caitlin: i will explain later

8:54:58 PM Matt: if i were masturbating it would not take an hour
8:55:04 PM Matt: thats just weird

12:53:32 PM Leigh Raskin: so like you saw his peedo for real

5:27:37 AM Kim Ha: why the eff are u awake
5:27:46 AM Leigh Raskin: i could ask you the same

10:47:38 PM Leigh Raskin: i love us. i'm going to miss the hell out of this place.


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