Monday, November 7, 2011

Is anybody okay?

Ben: Am I going to be okay, man?
Pete: Who knows? Is anybody okay? I'm not okay. You're asking the wrong guy.
- Knocked Up

We were driving to the grocery store on Saturday night, and I mentioned how my dad was going to jail today. And my girl asked what for? And my other girl friend said, I like how you ask as if it's whatever. And she replied, well it's not like we haven't been here before.

From father's in jail to mothers fighting cancer to friends struggling in abusive relationships, none of it is really a surprise anymore. At 27-years-old, we've learned, not to be surprised when this stuff happens. And not to be surprised when our parents, even in their wise old age, seem to have more trouble dealing with real life than us.

On the way to court last week, for my dad's arrest in early September — he was charged with drunk in public, resisting arrest and threatening an officer — he said we'd have to go pick up money after. I said, for what? We were going to his bookie. Of course

He was waiting outside at Eden Center, for my mom to pick him up, when he got arrested — he doesn't drink and drive anymore — and he was wasted, so he doesn't even remember what happened.  He'll be serving 9 days in jail, for threatening an officer. The other charges were dropped. $1,500 for a shitty lawyer, that's what I'm thinking. And a waste of my tax dollars for an unnecessary incarceration.

On Thursday, I'm flying out west. A weekend in LA and Las Vegas — yes, I have half of two jobs, make breadcrumbs, will be living in a box house in the future, and still manage to go on vacation more than most. Some people seem truly perplexed at how it is I manage this lifestyle, some think I have a backer. I wish. It's really no secret. My priorities are different. I could be dead tomorrow, and money won't matter then.

Life doesn't care about your plans.