Sunday, May 10, 2009


Dialogues between friends. Momentary ruminations. I always had a soft spot for frank candidness.

5:28 AM: move in with me
5:28 AM: it's mutually beneficial
5:28 AM: we would both have a blast!

3:02:32 AM: there is alot of cool stuff i wanna show you
3:02:56 AM: like little bars and restaurants
3:03:11 AM: wanna go to the beach
3:03:18 AM: va beach is only 1hr and 30 minutes away
3:03:32 AM: just me and you
3:03:44 AM: lets do that for a weekend
3:06:02 AM: we should make a date
3:06:25 AM: i usually dont plan ahead
3:06:30 AM: but i kinda want to for this
3:07:47 AM: im marking it on my icalender
3:08:04 AM: "romantic getaway

3:08:16 AM Kim Ha: ew
3:08:18 AM Kim Ha: don't make me puke
3:08:21 AM Kim Ha: dont call it that
3:08:22 AM Kim Ha: hahah

3:08:25 AM: HAHAHA
3:08:49 AM: "lovers retreat"

3:08:56 AM Kim Ha: ew.
3:08:57 AM Kim Ha: no

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