Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Lucky" Official Video With Colbie Caillat

Wednesday afternoon, I had the day off, and I'd been craving gnocchi since I saw someone eat it in the square Sunday during Market Day. So Leigh and I decided to go outside and see if the restaurant was open yet. It was only 4 PM, they weren't. This afternoon siesta crap really gets annoying when you're trying to eat something before 7 PM. So instead we went over to Friends Pub and had 2 drinks before our class lecture at 6 PM. I love random shit like this, when you can on no notice at all head over to the nearest pub and drink your frustrations away, or in some cases, just drink for the sake of happiness. This video was playing, and I knew where Jason Mraz was once upon a time, but I'd forgotten. We both recognized it, I thought it may have been Madrid or Prague. It didn't look like Madrid, but anyway. Turns out it was Prague. A city we both had encountered over the past few years. A city we had known personally for a time.

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