Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lofty ideas. There are a lot of decisions I've made, things that I've said, ways I've made others feel, that I'm not terribly proud of. And we hardly ever learn from our mistakes, do we?

As I passed through cities, from airport to airport to bus to train to taxi to boat. These silly little stamps painted throughout my passport as I passed from one customs to another actually meant something to me. I was going to keep it after it expired in 2013, the ten year mark. I was going to lie and tell them I'd lost it, I guess that's what I get for premeditating a lie to the US Government.

London, Quebec, Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Reus, Beograd, Athens, Santorini, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Fraser Island, the Whitsundays, Mexico, Frankfurt, Firenze, Pisa, Roma, Venezia, Vienna, Praha, Dublin, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Belfast, Derry, Brighton, Dubai, Bahrain

Cities I often passed through, cities I called home, cities I adored, cities that reminded me why I still believe in love, cities that made me terribly homesick, cities of affairs, cities that taught me to stand on my own, cities that made me adore life, cities that reminded me of the weight of mere ideas, how heavy they can be, the difference between ideas and reality and how sometimes I forget to separate the two, I put too much weight on mere ideas, and then they don't transfer, or I don't put enough weight on what's simply real.

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