Friday, November 5, 2010

For Sale, Empty Lot

Her: "I need to get a guy bff so I don't hang w stragglers. You want the job?"
Him: "Do i have to interview? Whats the deal with relocation fees?"

Him: "Did I win the part?"
Her: "Your relocation is too difficult, but the position is still empty."
Him: "Ok. I just don't want to lose out to some chump."

Him: "Promise me."
Her: "Pinky swear."

How Did it Feel

I thought about it. How would it feel. How would I feel. In a moment, you came to your senses, and you figured it out, that I wasn't right, and you decided, the one who was right, was someone else. So I thought about it. How would it feel. How would it feel. Even though, I'm aware you are not it. How would it feel. And I knew I couldn't do this. I've always known. I don't believe this works. The whole, friends with benefits. I knew I couldn't do it more than once without getting emotionally attached. I'd be fine. More fine than you, perhaps, if it were reversed. But, I never had the emotional capacity for this kind of thing. It was difficult before. To hurt someone, to be hurt, to get over. Ruins the idea of everything.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

muddling in the rabbit hole.

forever lost.