Thursday, May 21, 2009

I turned on itunes. Scrolled and stopped on smashmouth. It reminds me of Shrek and it makes me happy. And I just wondered if my fake life is more entertaining than my real one.

Steven asked me for songs for some mix cd he's making for some girl he's probably entertaining. And I just realized, I haven't made a mixed cd in a very long time. And no one asks me that question anymore, and I think it just made me miss mixed cds. Back when people listened to all 18 tracks because that's all there was instead of spending most of the car ride scrolling and skipping and never actually listening to entire songs. Have we become so impatient?

I was watching the Sandlot this evening in our tv room. And I hope if I ever have kids that they play outside with other kids. I'm going to make them. But this will also have to include the cooperation of other parents in not allowing their kids to stay inside and muddle in obesity on the computer all day. Maybe I'll start my own community to ensure all this works out.

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