Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm twenty-four, and I've probably never been more sure and unsure of what I wanted to do with the 'rest of my life'. We were in Gusta Pizza today, waiting half an hour for our pizza and talking to the father of one of my old professors. He asked us what we were doing after this program was over, and they replied, work probably, they were done with school, for now. And I declined to answer. Cause I was thinking, cause I know, I'm sick with school. I think I've reached my capacity, my ability to absorb information, dealing with professors and papers and useless classes that may never amount to anything. I want the rest of my life to start, now.

I mean, what is the rest of my life anyway? Aren't I living it now? And I'm making this commitment to another year, and I'm not sure it's right, but I'm doing it anyway. Why? Because I'm scared? I hope not. But that may just be the truth.

As you may envy me, I envy you.

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ilk said...

the greatest thing about life is that we are made by the choices we make as much as the choices we don't take. so do vurk and go with the flow ! you'll be in dc living YOUR life at a pace that is natural to you, so let the good times roll, we all know you have it in you kimchiha !