Friday, May 1, 2009

Matt as he's mushing avocados with his hands for guacamole he sniffs his hands: "This smells like splooge"
well something to that effect, I forget his actual words
I responded, "Maybe it's your hands."

Though I didn't mean to be funny at all, but I got a point in our sparing game of life.

And I just heard Ilk throw up in the bathroom. Our walls are PAPER, PAPER I TELL YOU.

And I just had a conversation with a dood born in 1989. We had an 80's party tonight. I remember the 80's. He was a pea. But he's 20. Hmm, guess it just reflects how old I'm really getting.

And speaking of. Young.

I had this uploaded and then I kept looking at it because I realized how young I looked. This was taken today though, at twenty-four years, I look like I could be in High School.

And Steven confirmed my suspicions.

myfavwpn: man
i cant look at this picture anymore
i feel like a perv
xing out right now

Anyway, tonight was one of the most awkward nights I've had in a long long time. But hey, life, can't win, can't lose.

xoxo _people have been signing shit like that to me a lot lately_

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