Saturday, June 6, 2009

Giggles, fuck-ups and this life

10:13:06 AM Carol Forehand: kim ridiculous things were happennig in and around your bedroom last night

1:18:26 PM Leigh Raskin: awkward
1:18:30 PM Kim Ha: awkward
1:18:34 PM Kim Ha: this whole house is awkward
1:19:01 PM Leigh Raskin: haha
1:19:02 PM Leigh Raskin: basically

we were having conversations that were not conducive for the environment. i was brushing my teeth in my bedroom and going on about something. and then leigh had to pee, so i went with her to the other bathroom, but it smelled like poo. major poo. so we had to use ilk's bathroom. so she peed as i finished brushing my teeth and talking. and then carol came in. and we kept discussing. and then we had to leave once the environment changed.

i love late night shit like this.

and there was a major fight in santo spirito while me, claire and carol were sitting on the steps talking. about 15 people ran after some dood and they were throwing beer bottles, and i didn't see but they probably ended up beating the crap out of him.

my life never ceases to be eventful.

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