Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"What were we talking about last night?"

Lately, for some strange reason, we've decided our conversations are so vital that they must continue even when one of us has to pee. Last night Carol and Leigh were in Leigh's bathroom talking, and then I came in. And then later Leigh, Caitlin and I were in the bathroom talking. At one point I was so surprised I had to stand in the shower just to take it all in. Hahah. God geezus christs. And later, when we were downstairs, I had to pee so me and Leigh were just in the bathroom talking, and I didn't even have to pee anymore but I was still on the toilet because we were talking. And then I decided to sit in my closet with Caitlin as we talked with Leigh. I love these after hours nights, when we just talk and talk and talk in our world within this palazzo. They're far more entertaining than going out to some bar and getting hit on by Italians or Americans, most of whom are simply passing through. It's not fun anymore, simply passing through.

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PE said...

Oh my god we look like a functional family...after all this time! Well done everyone!