Friday, June 26, 2009

I've never been an eloquent speaker. Thoughts come out haphazardly, and in the end nothing I actually wanted to say comes out. Because we so often forget to say the important things. The things we really meant to say in moments of heightened emotions. That, you were my family for a period, and that means a lot. You guys got me through this year, this seemingly endless, almost impossible year, you guys helped me get through it. Why? Because you were there to experience it all with me. Because no one else will never get it when I say I miss corner panino or the tv room or lost nights at space or those endless stream of nights in our tv room and in our kitchen, intoxicated over quarters, political debates and late night pizza.

All I can really say, is thank you. And regardless of where we go, where we end up, I hope life treats you well and I hope, I hope you take care. And whether or not we stay a part of our lives from this point on, we will have always shared this. And I hope that's meant something to you.

For what it's worth.

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