Monday, June 15, 2009


Andrew: well, what i read was related to the recent shooting at the holocaust museum and a report the dept of homeland security released about a rise in hatred in the US
3:59 PM it's the #1 emailed piece on NYtimes today
4:03 PM moderates, center-right, and center-left don't bother me; liberals make me happy; far right makes me sad; far left makes me confused and a little angry; anarchists generally make me upset... except for the group that came to the rescue of a bunch of immigrants in Greece who were being attacked by a bunch of people on the far right while the police stood by and watched

I've failed to read about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., nor have I bothered to read about the elections in Iran and the uproar over Ahmadinejad's win. Why? I have too much of my own shit to worry about, that I don't want to read the news because nothing in the news is ever good. You open up the front page to any major newspaper and it's about Iran or North Korea or the kid who's drowned in the Potomac or the man who's been beaten in Tehran or the bodies of the kidnapped in Yemen have been found. And though, I get why the networks write this stuff. It's news, and it's important and it makes us aware and ignorance is simply ignorance, it is not bliss. But god, one reason why I hate politics is because of how aware it makes me of how messed up this whole damn world is.

The things we fight for, the things we die for, the things we murder for.

What about the things we live for?

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