Sunday, April 26, 2009

While we were in Dubai, we met this DJ at Chi@theLodge and we went out the next night to Zinc at the Crowne Hotel where he was djing. It's funny, while we were at Chi, surrounded by weirdos, I had said to Carol, I wish he could DJ at my wedding. And then somehow this stranger became our friend. At Zinc there was Karyl, a filipino from Sweden. Who knew? She had been living in Dubai for over a year, as a flight attendant. There are a lot of flight attendants in the city, I noticed. And there was Ayesha and her boyfriend, the music producer. They were probably one of the cutest couples I had seen in awhile. And there was Khalid, whose glasses I adored, whose name I've taken to. And a slew of other kind people. It's weird. The city was filled with either straight up creepers or really hospitable people. Far nicer than I would be at home to strangers I had just met.

Speaking of creepers, two of the men who'd approached us at Chi were Lebanese, living and working in Dubai. They preferred home, but anyway they looked like Ben Stiller from Zoolander. In dark skinny jeans, blazer and black dress shirt unbuttoned half way. Stiller #2 was more exaggerated with eyeliner top and bottom, ears out to who knows where, and both had really spiked up hair. While the first dood was talking to us, his friend was in the corner, trying to drink the foam off his newly bought heineken before dropping some crushed substance in it. Incredibly bizarre. He shook our hands after and I could feel the remnants.

But anyway, after Zinc we went out to eat with DJ Dany and his friends, and being around the careless banter of people who are comfortable around each other made me miss my friends back home.

And like Dee had said. She'd moved from London to Dubai and had been living there for 5 years. She missed the city and didn't prefer this place, but she'd said, if you meet the right people then it's alright. And I could see that it was. And I knew then, I could probably live anywhere if I had friendships like that wherever I was.

We all gotta make a home somewhere.

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