Saturday, April 4, 2009

I wish I were a balla

So Italy is not a diverse country, in terms of food and ethnic diversity. In fact, I miss peruvian chicken and pho so bad all the time, especially on morning afters.

But anyway, the only 'Black' guys we ever see around here are North African. And they come into the pubs, get in our face, literally, and try to sell us things like ripped dvds, roses and sometimes tissues. So as me, Leigh and Ilk were walking home from the bus stop by the Duomo yesterday through Piazza della Republica we walk by these 4 black guys. And one of them points to the piazza and goes:

"What you wanna do?"
"Do you wanna be a balla?"
"A shot calla?"

Haha. They were AMERICAN!!! And they are probably the first African Americans I've ever come across while traveling abroad. Anyway, I forgot how much I missed African American men. And now I wish we had a token black guy in the house.

Matt: agreed. i wish we had a token black dude in the house
Matt: they would be funny
Matt: and they'd do the kim voice with me
Matt: and we would act out kim'isms
Matt: and then he'd be like shit son
Kim Ha: just cause you're tall, doesn't mean he'd be your bff
Matt: and we'd fist pound
Matt: yeah huh
Matt: if your skin is brown you respect people who are tall
Matt: thats the way it works

And I guess it would give Matt a little man friend he seems to be missing.

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