Friday, April 3, 2009

La vita e bella

The sunset over Firenze from the European University Institute in Fiesole. I still have trouble believing this is my life. I can't wait until summer, driving through Tuscany. First, must figure out how to rent a car.
On the way to the EUI we noticed this new plaque on the ledge of our bridge prohibiting climbing or sitting on the triangular shaped ledges which you can climb over onto. It's kind of dangerous since you could fall into the Arno since there are no barriers, but I was kind of sad they put up that sign. Because this means, no more possibility for peeing into the Arno, or writing postcards sitting against the bridge. As me and Leigh were commenting about it this old man stopped by us and saw we spoke English and he started ranting about teenagers, mostly American students who graffiti the bridges and climb over the edges for late night parties.
"Write things like I love Giovanni. Where is Giovanni? I want to find Giovanni and throw him into the Arno!" As he continuosly spits on Leigh. "Two years ago these American students had parties on the ledge and one fell in. Well, they didn't fish him out until two days later and he drowned. I'm glad he drowned!" omg. It would not be a day in Firenze without running into some kind of weirdo. That's the one sure thing about this city, aside from it's beauty, it's filled with nutcases. Mind you it's 70 degrees out.

I recently moved my desk to the middle of my room. Sometimes Caitlin or Ilk or basically randoms will come into my room and entertain me. I feel kind of like it's my office, like I'm a psychologist or something.

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