Monday, April 5, 2010

this day in 2009

I miss Italy today. This time last year, I was struggling through a 7,000 word paper, and for amusement I stole my housemate's wooden cat and we left ransom notes around the palazzo.  I'd forgotten about this one.  It read wear your stiletto boots and bring cookies "in class or else your cat will lose a limb every day." Before hiding it in a cabinet, we hung it from a shower and made a ransom video.  Yea, we were that tired of writing papers. She never gave into our demands, I never pulled the limbs off.

+6 hours.

3:02:34 AM Matt: not yet little one
3:02:34 AM Kim Ha (Autoreply): sleep
3:02:37 AM Matt: not yet

7:05:11 AM Leigh: i'm frustrated with life right now. boys are idiots. i hate them.
7:05:24 AM Leigh: i want to drop kick them in the face.

7:50:35 AM Matt: what if i brought in a sexy black boy. would you leave then?
7:50:36 AM Kim Ha (Autoreply): 2717/7000 - Paper #1.  I'm not leaving my room until this is done. for ANYTHING.
7:50:38 AM Matt: or a fire
7:50:44 AM Matt: or if josh hartnet were here
7:50:47 AM Matt: or you had to eat?
7:50:55 AM Kim Ha: first i was like, wtf are you talking about
7:50:56 AM Matt: is someone bringing you food
7:51:02 AM Matt: do you have a bucket to pee in?
7:51:04 AM Kim Ha: no. im not eating
7:51:05 AM Kim Ha: HAHAHAHA
7:51:12 AM Kim Ha: leigh said she'd bring me a bucket actually

11:43:57 AM Kim Ha: if i was at the lions fountain doing owrk right now , i'd be drunk

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