Sunday, October 25, 2009

So if I'm merely acquainted with someone or if I've never met them I TRY not to stalk them around the internet because then I form this opinion of them when I don't even really know them. And generally you cannot form a realistic opinion of someone based solely on their online profile. It just doesn't work.

I've signed up for Date Lab on Washington out of boredom and I've half made profiles that no longer exist. And the other night I fiddled on OKCupid, but got bored real quick.

And then I thought, doesn't anyone form relationships organically anymore?

It's really sad.

Even though my opinion of online dating sites has altered over the years; they're not filled with total weirdos. I think, aside from the fact that makes you pay some absurd amount. I think I will refrain, not because I don't feel that desperate. But because shit, I kind of like it the organic way. Like in real life, over a random passing or who knows. But you know.

Maybe I'm a bit old school here.

And I'm not just ragging on online dating.

As organic food is healthier for you, I think organic relationships may suit me better.


ilk said...

word. i agree kim chi.

ilk said...

word. i agree kim chi.

Lauren said...

You know, I'm not sure how I feel about online dating anymore. It's supposed to be mainstream now and that's what I told myself, but I met so many insecure creepers that I ended up deleting my OKCupid account. But isn't that like meeting people in real life too- most of them are weirdos?

The Quarter Life Affair said...

haha that's a good point. Most of the people in real life are weirdos, but somehow at least in real life, you get that for sure since u see em and all.