Saturday, October 24, 2009

getting off the great mope train.

I went out to Josephine's last night for Ray's birthday despite having a 9 a.m. final exam this morning. I didn't drink, and I still had a damn good time. I think I may cut back on the alcohol. I hate the feeling of getting wasted for the sake of getting wasted. Then having to wake up to nurse a hangover. Nothing about it seems attractive anymore. My former self of 4 months ago would beg to differ, but I guess it's different when you're running through the streets of Florence in the pouring rain, by the most beautiful piazza in the whole damn world. Who has to worry about real life then?

We left at 2 a.m. and I passed out around 3 a.m. Woke up this morning at 8 a.m. and headed back into the city.

And you know, this morning was the first time I've thought, today is marvelous, in awhile. Lackluster has accounted for most of the past few months; men who were around, who were just around because I was that bored.

But maybe this city isn't a lost cause.

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