Friday, March 11, 2011

i'm a romantic. i'm a deep romantic.

i feel too much.

i scoff at the color pink, flowers, frills and dates. but all i want is for a guy to take me on a real date, a real one, the whole nine yards, the kind of evening he really had to think about. i'm independent, strong-minded, strong-willed and opinionated, but i want someone who'll want to take care of me, who will never let me pay, who has his own opinions, but gets where i'm coming from.

this journal i keep. aside from cataloguing my sanity, is mostly a book about every man that's ever had an affect on my life. and i'm not sure if that's sad or what. but that's what it is.

for at the end of this life, it's the people who've made a difference, who've taught us lessons, that matter.

i have to stop settling for less.

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