Friday, May 7, 2010

So here we are

I thought my bi-annual quarter life crisis wasn't going to come around this year. And, it hasn't really. Cause somehow, even with life unplanned 3 months from now (and I always plan 6 months in advance.) I'm okay with where I am, and wherever the hell it takes me. My fortune cookie did say: you are heading in the right direction. And that's gotta be worth something.

But with that said, I still somehow, after a string of unexpected events, that's how they always happen, don't they? managed to deactivate my Facebook. And, if you know me, only under some dramatic circumstance would I go about doing this because, Facebook is my coke, and I'm not even saying that lightly.

But I won't last because I never do, and it's a good thing I've never done coke cause I've found, I'm an easy addict to the things I can't live without. Of course, it's only in the momentary do I believe this to be true.

I could give it up forever, and write a blog about it. Isn't that what we do? But nah, going on 6 hours. Will probably only last 24. Maybe 48, if this is incredibly severe.

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