Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have a habit of saving everything. Anyway, this day in 2009.

Matt: dude, not only can you rent them. you can rent them in order to toss them
Matt: they wear harnesses and you can physically toss midgets
Kim Ha: um
Kim Ha: why does this sound inhuman
Matt: well they get paid alot
Kim Ha: .....
Kim Ha: so do some hookers
Matt: exactly
Matt: so if they are willing to go through it, then its ok
Kim Ha: hahaha
Kim Ha: so
Kim Ha: senator fackner
Kim Ha: when you were 24 you rented a midget?
Kim Ha: hhahah
Kim Ha: best story ever
Matt: nope
Kim Ha: no if it was real
Kim Ha: please do it
Matt: ohthat would be funny
Matt: i'll rent the midgets you bring the keg
Kim Ha: NO
Kim Ha: i'm not going to bea part of the midget renting
Matt: what
Matt: it'll be my name
Matt: why are you so scared
Kim Ha: midgets don't do it for me matty
Kim Ha: now if it were a miniature midget, that's another story
Kim Ha: i had a bagel with cream cheese this morning
Kim Ha: it was yum
Matt: fuck
Matt: i want one
Matt: darn it
Kim Ha: mi dispiace

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