Saturday, June 14, 2008

I wouldn't mind knowing you

"But why? It would just ruin everything."

I don't generally read peoples journals. And I generally try not to form an impression of someone i don't really know as a result of what I've read on their Facebook profile. It's weird to know things about people who you don't really know. I stumbled.....upon a journal though. ah, this thing with the internet, and everything is just so public. I'm bored, and I can't help but read it. Forming an impression. But, I'm going to say it's okay. cause in this case, we'll probably never get around to really knowing each other anyway.

But there's this song playing from it. I should know what language it is, but i don't really. You know what it reminds me of? One of those late summer evenings, drinking wine, in one of those bittersweet ending kind of moments. And it's 1920. And everything's just a bit sadder, quieter, without care.

I'm laying by the pool tomorrow with one of my war books.

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