Sunday, July 6, 2008

Put your feet on the ground

i call myself a realist. i want a prince charming, but i don't believe in forever. or that there's only one other person out there for you. i don't believe that love's enough. a lot of it has to do with timing. and other constraints of life. shit happens. i don't believe in perfection. i like things messy. gives it character. i don't believe in making promises you can't keep. the phrase, "we've got a lifetime to get to know each other" is so corny it makes me wana throw up. there's nothing which grounds it. it's really an empty promise. meaningless. speaking for the sake of.

any guy would be fucking crazy to fall for me.

maybe that's my problem.

the thought of leaving for italy for so long terrifies me.

but i live for highs like that. kinda like scary movies.

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