Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mixed Nuts

Driving home from Modern at 2:30 in the morning.

"hey guys, do you have a bag?" ngan asked from the backseat.

"are you gona throw up?" I responded, looking back from the passenger seat. she was leaned over, looking not too well.

"yea, i think so."

"chris, do you have any bags?" I asked.

"no, i don't think so."

"shit, i gave my bag to nga," I said, as i was rummaging through his glove compartment, hoping there was a misplaced bag in the car.

"wait here's one," chris said as he reached over and handed me a bag filled with mixed nuts. "here use this bag."

"what is this? it's filled with nuts!" I said.

"Just throw it out the window!" he said, as we're doing 60 down 495.

"Wtf. I'm not going to throw the nuts out the window. Are you serious?"

"Just throw the nuts out the window."

"We're on the highway!" there was a reason why this wasn't a good idea, but i wasn't exactly sure why.

"just do it."


as ngan is trying not to regurgitate from the backseat.

so i rolled down my window and attempted to dump the nuts out the window. totally bad idea, considering most flew back into the car. and i feel bad for whoever drove behind us and got nuts on their windshield.

eff this.

so ngan proceeded to heave into a bag still filled with nuts. she didn't throw up in them. but, i threw the bag in my garbage can anyway. i shoulda gotten a photo.

one of my funny memories from the night.

happy birthday sok. your friends got shit faced off 151.

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