Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Break: Day 10

I will brave walking miles through a shit ton of snow. And the shoveling, oh the shoveling.

And there's that class I may not have passed. I'm going to have to send a card and some cookies.

I will read books that I want to read (chicklit for the most part):
How to make love like a porn star, Jenna Jameson - Recommend
Just Friends, Robyn Sisman - Bad? Perhaps.
The Other Woman, Jane Green
What Happened (Inside the Bush White House), Scott McClellan
a stranger's short stories

I will engage in physical marathons:

Miles run - 1

I will engage in television marathons:
Episodes of Glee - 13

I will cook things:
Pillsbury oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - Fail, don't do it. Just go to Potbelly.

And last but not least: I will eat, sleep and play as I please, for the most part.

Oh yes. And spend some time folding/running clothes at Urban Outfitters (yay for retail jobs with discounts!)

1 comment:

kingsmartarse said...

hey this is a good list.

also. i still want to build a bookcase like that in your picture up there ^.