Monday, July 6, 2009

Going through hard times.

9:07:11 AM Kim Ha: get the us to get rid of gmos
9:07:13 AM Ally Reina: i want to be ballin
9:07:15 AM Ally Reina: hahahahaha
9:07:16 AM Ally Reina: HAHAHAHA
9:07:20 AM Ally Reina: yes FUCKING gmo's
9:08:40 AM Kim Ha: haha
9:08:43 AM Kim Ha: my poor friend
9:08:44 AM Kim Ha: i like
9:08:48 AM Kim Ha: went on a 10 minute rant about them
9:08:50 AM Kim Ha: yesterday
9:08:51 AM Kim Ha: to her
9:08:54 AM Kim Ha: b/c i was in a bad mood
9:09:00 AM Ally Reina: hahaha
9:09:00 AM Ally Reina: omg
9:09:14 AM Ally Reina: i wouldve grabbed you by the shoulders and been like KIM SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT
9:09:35 AM Ally Reina: its sad, when i get drunk i just want to argue about EU policy
9:09:40 AM Ally Reina: my friends think im fucking retarded
9:09:51 AM Kim Ha: AHAHHAHAH
9:09:54 AM Kim Ha: when i get drunk
9:09:55 AM Kim Ha: i speak italian
9:09:56 AM Kim Ha: or
9:10:01 AM Kim Ha: my voice does the italian inflections
9:10:06 AM Kim Ha: my friends do think im retarded
9:10:08 AM Kim Ha: damit
9:10:12 AM Kim Ha: we came back from italy retarded ally
9:10:24 AM Ally Reina: we did

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