Friday, March 27, 2009

And it took forever to reach

Over a year ago, I stepped into the USATODAY building in Mclean, Virginia for the first time to take an exam for my application to Columbia’s Journalism school. I’d never been to or seen the building before, and I remember loving the large glass window panes, the architectural style of the whole structure. And I wondered, if one day I could somehow work here, that’d be pretty sweet. But it was a long shot, one of those muses where you never actually think will come to be in reality.

I didn’t get accepted into Columbia last year, so I bought a one-way ticket to Florence, Italy to pursue a one year masters program in European Union Policy. Solely to leave home and live a year abroad. Three years ago, while spending a summer in London studying, living abroad an entire year became a life goal. And now it’s almost done. making my random muses into reality has really come to fore lately. I remember sophomore year of college, Ben first told me about the UAE and how they had all these ridiculous man made islands. And I thought in passing, how wonderful it would be to see one day. And in three weeks I will be in Dubai. And I never really thought I would make any of these muses real. But here I am, checking off my life to do list as if they were items on a grocery list.

Leaving undergrad behind, I was ready because for once I wasn’t binded within institutional confines. The world was mine-I could do whatever I chose with my time, my life. And here I am. Two years pass, and I’m just that close to making everything I’ve ever wanted a reality.

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