Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the loss

the loss of a friend was always the hardest part. maybe that's why i could never commit to anyone. i hated losing people so much. i could count the number of friends lost to anger or hurt on one hand. that was it. i never lost people. to commit to someone meant it might end, which meant, there might be a loss at the end of that because what else could there be? maybe one day we'll be okay. maybe one day we'll be friends again.

but we all know. how that story goes. we'll move on. we'll change. we'll grow. and we'll soon, to each other, merely become people we used to know. because other things will have happened in the meanwhile, things neither will have been a part of. and we won't be the same people anymore. and even after the hurt and anger has relented. after the tears have ceased. after the missing goes away. after things no longer really remind you of them. you'll lose that need. that need to have them in your life, and you will relent. you'll accept. that sometimes, some people are only meant to be in your lives for certain periods. and we move on.

only rarely, does the friendship come around again. only rarely.

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