Thursday, November 26, 2009

Along the same lines

I know I complain a lot. About graduate school, about the decisions I've made, about this course in life that I've chosen, about never making it.

But, at the end of the day, I don't regret a single choice I've ever made. And I'm incredibly thankful to be here today, where I am. Albeit stuck with hefty student loans and still living at home with the 'rents. But it's okay.

Because I'm thankful they're healthy. This time, 3 years ago, it was a terribly different story. And those months were hard. Really hard. And these days, my poor dad and his back. But he'll be fine.

And I'm thankful for everything I've been given, for the life my parents have given me and the opportunity they've allowed me in order to pursue my dreams. No, they haven't always been entirely supportive, in my decision to pursue writing, to pursue journalism to pursue another graduate program (YOU WILL BE POOR.), but they've always been my crutch.

So I still have a 25 page paper to write for my seminar class, and I'm aware life will only continue to get harder, but it's okay. If it weren't hard (that's what she said.), nothing would ever be worthwhile.

I may never make it to per se the New York Times (HEY, you gotta dream big), but I'm pretty happy where I am and wherever I end up, I'll probably be happy.

So maybe my pursuit of the opposite sex will continue on that complicated, undoubtedly confusing line, and maybe it'll take me just a tad longer to figure the kinks out. What I want, and the like, but I'm thankful for TV shows like Felicity and girls nights to make things a bit lighter.

I'm thankful for the friends I've known and loved for years and years and years. At this point, they're just family, ya know? And I'm thankful for the friends I've acquired in the past few years, that will fall along the same line.

I'm thankful for that time in London, those trips around Europe, that life in Florence, Vietnamese food, white rice, peruvian chicken, Mac, my car, T.I., federal student loans, and the home I've always had here.


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