Saturday, August 1, 2009

Intoxication reduces inhibitions. I'm more prone to doing and saying things I wouldn't ordinarily do in a sober state because I don't care about the consequences. Now, sometimes this leads to good results, sometimes it leads to fmylife mornings. I'm wondering though, if at the end of the day, a lesser dose of inhibitions turns out to be better or worse for everything that is my life. Sometimes it enables me to look at things simpler, instead of my ordinarily state of mind where I'm simply crazy. I don't know. I don't know.

Btw. I find it highly ironic that I'm getting an M.A. in Communications, the one subject I abhorred all through grade school. For the life of me I could never get past that ugly Satisfactory on my report card. The entire report card would be tainted by that one ugly Satisfactory.

And now here I am, choosing to get my second M.A., in Communications. I'm making the choice to get out there and actually talk to people. Bizarre. I never saw that one coming.

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